Who Are You?

Howdy! I'm May. (I also go by Finis Quartus Luna on some websites.) I make games and music.

Why FQL?

I chose Finis Quartus Luna for my username when I joined itch.io back in October 2015. I figured it'd be best to stay cohesive with my pseudonyms, so it also became my Twitter name.

As to how it was derived:

Latin for end
Latin for fourth
Latin for moon/month

What's at the end of the fourth month? The fifth month, May. (It felt clever at the time.)

What software do you use?

I don't really have a preference with regards to text editors, but I usually end up using Atom or Sublime Text. For pixel art, I use Pixen, and I use a variety of tools for music, though my favorites are MuseScore, MilkyTracker, and SunVox.

How can I get in touch with you

Either drop me a line on Twitter or email me at may AT maycod DOT es!

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